About us

Are you fearful if you budget you can’t continue the to buy what you want?!

Are you fearful of being a single parent?

Are you fearful of life as a whole?!

Are you fearful the job you’re in holding you back from more?!

Are you fearful that the relationship is going to break you down for good?!

Are you fearful that if you give up control, you’re going to fall apart?!

If you answered yea to any of these I want you to know you’re right where you need to be. 



My name is Chameka CEO of Bloom Past Your Fears and I created this brand and slogan when I was completing a Daniel Fast in 2022. God was tugging on my heart telling me to rebrand and to look deep and I realized I too was afraid of failing, afraid of living, afraid of being loved, afraid of letting my wall done, afraid of myself, afraid to forgive and so many more “afraid of” things that I decided to Bloom Past My Fears and create a space for all of us to do the same. Bloom Past Your fears in your budget, with your kids, with your job, and life as a whole. If I can do it, so can you.