Happy New Year

Happy New Year

It’s a new year and it’s the time where we all make new year resolutions and are encouraged to be our best self and put our best foot forward. As we go into this new year I encourage you to just love like you’ve never lived before. Do something different for a few days. Get your hair done consistently, learn to do your makeup, learn to put on false eyelashes, try press on nails, journal your heart daily, make a dedicated movie night with your family, taco Tuesday/Thursday every week, make homemade pizza once a week,quick listen slow to respond, make that YouTube channel, live in the moment, reach out to an old friend, love in your family everyday, teach your children about giving to those less fortunate, be a mentor to someone, love on you everyday, whatever it is that you want to do….just do it don’t let anyone and I mean anyone tell you you can’t do it. Get out of your head and bloom past those fears today. I love you! Happy New Year loves!!!!
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Thank you for the reminder of loving myself and bloom past my fears. I shall rise to the challenge. I am free and restored, in Jesus name, Amen!! Love you too baby, mommy is truly proud of you! Getting going

Pamela hicks

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