Thank you for your service!

Thank you for your service!

Hey Loves,

First BLOG post!

Today is Christmas Eve in the United States and this is when we are all with our families and enjoying each other. But while some of us are with family, there are a lot of individuals that are not with their loved ones. As an active duty US Airmen, I want to personally take this time to pray and send my love to any of the US Military members that are deployed, TDY, or away from family. I was there before, so I know firsthand how that feels to be away from family and I want you to know it gets better and when you are reunited, it will be the best reunion you'll have. Take this time to celebrate and enjoy your company you have with you and make memories because you all are going through this together. You are not alone. Thank you for making that sacrifice. I love you!

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